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Audiovisual production

From the idea to the video delivery, We Tell Stories can help you tell your story. We are passionate in what we do, be a small news or corporate video, to a big film or documentary feature. We focus mainly on brand storytelling, because we strongly believe any good film should have a good story.

Live Multicamera Production

We are specialized in multicamera live production, and especially in live-streaming. We can give always give you the best setup for your event, small or big. Would you need a complete OB truck or van, we can provide you one, but we also work a lot with portable flight case control stations, to fit your budget with an outstanding quality.


Interactive storytelling is one our passion. The point is: you don't only tell a story on the web, you must live that story. Interactive storytelling is about creating an experience for the viewer. This interactive storytelling is not only for webdocumentaries, it is also for smallest production, such as a web article, a longform, a interactive timeline, etc.

Trainings and workshops

It has been a few years since we began to give trainings, always with outstanding feedbacks from participants. Naturally, we focus on media and journalism trainings, audiovisual workshops, and multimedia workshops. We have found a successful mix between theory and experimentation. We always try to give participants all the keys to continue by themselves.

We Tell Stories

We Tell Stories is no ordinary video production company. The project is born from the original idea of making better journalism by making wonderful videos or webdocumentaries for news companies, in a one-man crew and without sacrificing the quality. The success we had led us to evolve into a full multimedia production company, with several editing studios, top quality cameras, and excellent people. What still makes our success now, is this flexibility we have, this capacity that has everyone in our team to understand every aspect of the production in order to deliver a great story. We are proud to say that since our launch, we never had one not-happy client. And that means a lot to us.

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